How i made my t shirt to a successful marketing career

So, if you care about spending time on a program that you're not right, it's good news; knowledge will never be in vain. Many successful people have used their "wrong choice" to enrich their careers

Tanya Moryoussef is an excellent example: she is a marketing manager for LoyaltyOne (you know them better as an AIR MILES), and she is only a few years old at the university (Western, anyone?). She already runs his team and works on some of the cut-back campaigns, including one of them

That's a twist. The University of Tani is an actuarial science (risk study because it is part of the insurance industry). She understood two years in her academic program that she wasn't right

" I remember that I was really disappointed and challenged by the program, in which I was not happy. So I quickly took steps to change my path. "

There are no real correct mistakes until you learn them. I don't regret that math, of course, gave me the advantage of being able to think analytically. Many people have reached this point where they have declared a large and understood that this is not for them, and the thought of their re-declaration is frightening

Two years in my life, I started to realize that I didn' t feel motivated in the big one who thought I loved me. I remember that I was really upset and challenged by a program I wasn't happy in. So I quickly took steps to change my path. I took summer courses in things that weren't related to my program to find out what I was interested in

I thought I was going to specialize in something like, like, banking or investing, but when I'm a marketing year, I've always jumped to do my job first, I did it more. I fell in love with marketing

I had an opportunity to apply for a business school in Western Europe, so I did it. In my first year of business school (3rd year of university), we had a day when the company's executives would be present about their companies before the start of the season. On that day, Bryan Pearson came to talk about the AIR MILES. After he listened to him for 10 minutes, I knew I had to work

So I approached Brian after this session, and I told him about my background in math and statistics, which was intriguing because LoyaltyOne is a data-driven company. He asked me to send a resume through the recruitment process

"Find those things that make you different and find a way to talk about them."

The fact that I came into the business program is very much, than most people, (there were only three consulting actuaries in my program). They were interesting. They were looking for marquaters, who could get information about the data and actually get into the analytics

Find those things that make you different and find a way to talk about them. For me, it was my background and my education-that I studied before I went on a business route. When I think about traditional marketing, this is what many great brands do. They find things about their product that make it special or even better, which makes customers feel they can't live without it, and focus on it. As a human being, you must do the same

In addition, you should spend less time worrying about your personal brand, as well as more time for your big work. Obviously, when you go through the application process, you want to make your best legs forward and sell yourself, so maybe when your personal brand is a little bit bigger, but you think about building that reputation to do a lot of work

"Find someone you admire and study."

Find someone you admire and study. It's really valuable. I like to draw people around me, who I think is very inspirational

Like my boss, boss of my boss, the way they keep their team. I look at how our general director speaks to the speeches and information of our organization. It's just as simple as paying attention to how he's doing e-mail, or when he's doing a press release. I follow very closely how they interact, what they say, what they do to motivate the staff, and I will bring it into my own life

It is easy to make sure that management is the same as the tutorial. That's not true. In fact, one thing is to manage the project very well (this happens on time? budget? is in line with expectations?)and that's another thing to motivate people to do their best. This takes time and a lot of practice. You will make mistakes, and you will not always be the best motivator every day, but by experimenting and experimenting, everyone will find their own style

She works a lot

For an interview in LoyaltyOne (it was the 6-rauna process), she studied the financial reports of the parent companies of the brand. She listened to the calls. She spends the summer course and voluntarily and does not wait for something to come to her

That's good news. This means that, regardless of the circumstances and academic decisions, you should always be a stronger, better person. It's a bit of a hustle and a little perspective in life, that's all it takes

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